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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location San Jose, CA
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Who was the 30th President of the USA?
Thursday. 6.21.07 2:05 pm
You know, I actually have no clue who the 30th president was. I'm just gonna guess and say it's Calvin Coolidge, because I remember he was around that number...

So...why am I memorizing presidents? Why, for my AP US History class in the fall, of course! My summer assignment: read five chapters of our textbook (which is around 1000pg), write 20 responses, take 3pg of notes per chapter, memorize ALL the presidents in order (+ the years they were in office), and memorize the geography of the US. Fun..........

And that's not taking into account my other AP assignments, which all include memorizing many long complicated things that I will NEVER use in real life. Why do I bother? Oh wait, that's right, I'm an Asian overachiever. Haha. =P

Other than that, I have SAT prep class, which is always fun. Just a tad boring, ya know? Just a little. ^______^

I've been making a lot of graphics recently...first I opened a request shop in SV Loyalty, and then I opened one in FairyFly, and added to that are the random requests I'm getting from SnS, and BOOM, I have not made ANYTHING for myself in...a long time. The moment I finish one request, I have another one. Geez...I guess I should close both my shops. Dedicate myself to translating manga instead...

Speaking of which, I went to Kinokuniya a few days back and bought Boku wa Ne and HELP!! in japanese. I really wanted to see how Boku wa Ne ended, and the ending was very sweet! Strangely, Tetsuta turned out straight...how'd that happen? I always thought he was....er, nevermind. o_O

I'm too lazy to post up all the graphics I've made recently, because they're mainly just requests.

Next time, I'm definitely going to make a new layout!!!

~Love, Sylphie

wait... youre 15 and taking ap us in the fall??? >.< here, we take it our junior year >.
» crz4manga on 2007-06-21 10:30:46

Wow.. you sound very busy indeed.. Good luck! By the way, maybe you can make some money with your graphics.
» Nuttz on 2007-06-21 11:55:14

sylphie couldn't wait and bought boku wa ne. :XD: now we have two scanning options. :P
» fangli ( on 2007-07-01 09:14:21

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